Love at the Speed of Life

city-lights-tokyoWe live at the speed of life (I should say the speed of light since that’s how it seems most of the time.) It is an endless cycle: Bills, work, cook, gym, take the dog for a walk, try to keep in touch with those you care about, clean, volunteer, go to church, more bills, can we maybe have a girls night out, or(guys) a man night? What time is there left to find love?

Love in this society copies the culture. So, we also love at the speed of life: more than 50% of relationships start online these days (not knocking anyone, that is just the way the world has changed. I have tried my hand as well) We get infatuated very quickly, and infatuation is a powerful thing. In order to keep the feeling alive, we fuel it with “I love you”s (because we think we do), and demand flowers, cards, steak dinners, candlelight, adventure. We rush to find out EVERYTHING about the other person, and obsess about them. Many see jealousy as a “healthy” emotion that keeps things “interesting”.

In our relationships we demand our partners offer some respite from the crazy life we live, yet we try to live our love life with as much excitement as possible as well.

Now I am not proposing that we throw traditional romance out the window: flowers, cards, and candlelight dinners are wonderful! I am, however offering a change to the ordinary that I believe will take a typical relationship and make it more extraordinary, while at the same time, protecting the hearts of those involved.

There are four main things I propose. In my first few entries I will explain what they are and why I believe each is important.

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