Be careful little fingers, what you say

A very good friend of mine blogged this, and I believe she is absolutely right! We have to consider how our interactions are effecting those around us online just as much as if we were talking to people face to face. Our witness is important, and we neglect this in believing that the internet is a big nether space to send out every thought to. We need to remember that what we say has to potential to be seen by any and all our online relations, and act accordingly.

Multiply this Hallelujah Song

Facebook is a powerful tool. Maybe we don’t realize it, but this site designed to connect others is amazingly powerful and is, along with other sources of media, have begun to change so much of the way we as humans relate to one another. Mostly I have seen and heard stories of the ways we treat each other vastly different than we would if we were to actually speak the words to another individual. The reason I bring this up, is because this week has been a very interesting week in terms of social media, the things we say to one another and faith.

My first observation of this was on Facebook, where a friend had posted something which I choose not to repeat in detail- not only because I disagree with the statements made and the vague statements are continuously disproved, but because such statements do two things: 1…

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