When Your Someday isn’t Here yet.


As I try to work on today’s(now yesterday’s) #blogging101 assignment, I have a hard time narrowing down all the the possibilities of what I could write. I have ideas bursting through in rivers right now. Obviously it took me a while (as I get this assignment in a day late) to finally figure out what I want to talk about. You see, my ideal audience is people living a life in love. People who will be willing to sacrifice self for others, and live a life of fullness. A life that is full because of a giving heart. I know it may sound like an oxymoron, but it is just one of the truths of life. If you have a giving heart, your world is fuller.

In wanting to write to you wonderful precious people, I think today I want to focus on something with a little imagination and a little practicality. I know the two sometimes seem to be at odds with each other, but I think it is wonderful when we can bring the two in to agreement and make them work for us. I mean, isn’t that what imagination is really about? Actually using it, even in our ‘adult’ lives?

One of the things I have done for many years, is: when I come to a valentine’s or a holiday and I don’t have someone, when I find myself wishing I could share something special in my life with a nonexistent special someone, or if I just think about the person I will one day commit to spending the rest of my life with: I write a note to that person, or a card, or a poem. I have a box now full of almost eighty love notes/cards/etc that I have written over the years.

I have these letters in a box that I will one day give to my husband. All my love, all my years of searching will be given to him. He is going to be the one who holds my love and trust and I want him to see where my heart was towards him all those years. I have prayers in there for him: for happiness while he searches and goes through ups and downs of his own; for God’s constant provision and blessing over his life; for guidance that God would lead us both together.

I am sure some of the older cards especially will one day seem like the musings of an immature young lady. they may not be relevant even by now. What is relevant, however is that I wrote them, that even then, he, whoever he ends up being, was someone I believed God had for me, and someone I was covering in prayer even while I waited.

You see, SOMEDAY he will see them

Someday he will know

Someday. I do believe it.

4 thoughts on “When Your Someday isn’t Here yet.

  1. Hello dear,

    It’s a very sweet post. I love it. You are a very nice person. I wish you meet your soulmate and get the love you deserve.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much Anand! I have been enjoying your posts about the blogging101 course very much. You seem to have a keen eye for graphics and a great love and appreciation for words.


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