Shout Out to my Amazing Neighbor Bloggers!

I have been very privileged, in the past couple of weeks, to meet an amazing variety of bloggers imagesthroughout this blogging community. I wish I had place enough to note every single person who has spoken with me because every single one has had exceptional ideas, beautiful blogs, and a unique perspective on life. I will leave my list to fifteen for now though. Thank you all so much for being part of this community! You all make it a more enjoyable place.

Some blogs to check out:

  1. Multiply this Hallelujah Song – A beautiful blog full of Boldness and bravery
  2. Journey Entries – The blog of a mother, daughter, friend, and woman of faith
  3. Cupcakes and Coconuts – The author is full of life, humor, and soul
  4.  blabberwockying -The entries on this blog are refreshingly straightforward, and the author is 3944_Queens-West-TBA-web-1gifted with weaving wonderful words together
  5. Soldiersride – This blog is written by a military chaplain.
  6.  ZARA – The blog of a college student: spirited, fun, and full of life.
  7. Zenaida Wheels -An adventurous soul who tells stories of travel and exploration. A great place for me to practice my Spanish! (use the translator if you need it)
  8. A funny thing happened when I was learning myself – this blogger’s voice is fun and relatable
  9. Sincerely Hil -This blog is so lovely it just makes you want to spend time with the author. charming, and down to earth.
  10. The Horizon Chaser – A very enjoyable, smooth writing style, interesting thoughts.
  11. For His Glory – The blogger lives her passions in the moment, and gives glory to God through her giftings.
  12. Of life she writes -Approaching life with a certain romantic perspective.
  13. Sue’s Little Corner -Practical, Simple, and Lovely
  14. Let’s Talk About The L Word -A blog about love (as you all know, I can’t get enough of this subject)
  15. Ingrid on the Grid -Though she be but young, this blogger is exceptionally gifted in the arts, and very real about life.

PS- The first installment of date ideas is coming soon! Stay tuned! Craig_20121214_62

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