The Changes We See

me at the beach: 1989

I so greatly enjoyed reading Sincerely Hil’s post yesterday about camping and change and deserving a real bed to sleep in after a day of wonderful outdoor adventures! Similarly to her, I was a wilderness girl growing up who belonged to a wilderness family. I still love going hiking, camping, and exploring.

Hil also got me thinking about change. Today, I saw that it is the tenth wedding anniversary of a friend of mine. Ten years they have been together! I was at their wedding. I was in college when I attended their wedding. “am I getting older.” I thought. not old, mind you. I’ll never be old in spirit, and I am not old if you count the years either, but somehow: somehow I am really a full fledged adult, and I don’t know how that happened.

I am at a good age, don’t get me wrong, and I am satisfied with it. This is far from being a complaint for me.Β It was just a realization for me though, how we change ever so slightly and then ever so slightly more, until we look back on the someone we used to be and it is almost as if we are viewing someone else: a character in a story we once read and connected well with. We are no longer that person.

One interesting thing I have seen happen in relationships is a denial of change. Often couples get to a comfortable spot and then stop getting to know one another. The problem with this is, as life happens, we change: in small, hardly recognizable, minute ways. After years of these changes, if we have been ignoring the development of the relationship, one can feel disconnected from the person that they once knew so very well: loved so very much.

We should never stop courting our significant other. It should be something that we make an effort to do throughout our lives, not just in the initial dating stage. If we ignore this, we risk losing some of the most important and cherished relationships in our lives.

Present Day: still loving life

9 thoughts on “The Changes We See

  1. Thank you!!

    It’s just mind blowing to wake up one day and realize you’re an adult or how something you’re so used to is all of a sudden different. Great post! I’m so happy I helped to inspire this πŸ™‚

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    1. yes! It is so very important to live life actively every day. So many of us are passive about living, and, to paraphrase one of my favorite quotes, get to the end of our life and realize we have only lived the length or it, not the width of it as well.
      Thank you for the feedback!

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