First Ever Date Night Idea!

Hello lovlies! Today marks the first ever post in my Dating Ideas series! I have been so very excited about these because the possibilities are endless, and, lets be honest, who doesn’t like a fun date imagesnight every once in a while?!

I was going to share one of my many original ideas but then I came across an idea earlier this afternoon, that I just had to share! (and try for myself very shortly I’m hoping)

This date is simple and spontaneous. I would recommend dressing in something easy to get around in and adaptable to both indoors and out. You will see why in a moment.

This is called The Penny Date.

What you will need:

1-a penny (any coin will work)

2- a vehicle or means of transportation

3-the clothes you will wear

4-your honey (sweetheart, boo, honeysuckle, baby: whatever you call them)

5- a possibilities pack

What you will Do:

1- Get dressed to go out and grab your penny

2- Let your partner choose a number between 10 and 20 (this will be the number of times you flip the coin)

3- Head out on the road and begin: Β every time you come to a junction, flip the coin…

4- Heads=right, Tails=left

5- once you get to your number, stop. look around. Make a date where you are. (this is why I suggest the possibilities bag)

You can end up in downtown, in front a business you have never been to, in the middle of nowhere, or in a neighboring town. Have fun! Stretch your creativity! Enjoy each other.

I love the spontaneity of this date, and I cannot WAIT to try it out! One of the best things is, since the results are different every time, you can repeat it over and over without getting stuck in a rut!

Well fellow adventurers, have fun! Make sure to let me know how this one works out for you!

17 thoughts on “First Ever Date Night Idea!

  1. I remember doing these as penny walks growing up at my grandmother’s who lived in town where I could – still remember meeting this guy that way that just reconnected with on FB; he still doesn’t know that’s how I came to be there

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      1. he claims he never knew how young I was but I was positive I told him I was only 13 at the time; he insists I’d told him I was 17; I don’t think so, I wasn’t normally in the habit of lying about my age, I think he just thought I was that old so maybe he never asked and maybe I did just not ever say and never thought about him thinking I was that old; I didn’t think I looked it but then maybe that was just me and my insecurities and maybe I really did, but just didn’t like the way that, even if I was 17, even then, maybe? I mean, yes, it’s not 13, but still, he was still even older, he at least knew I was still in at least high school and he was already out of college, so shouldn’t that mean something, rather than it seemed like he was placing all the blame and responsibility on me, really? like, well, maybe I shouldn’t have been out on my walk or shouldn’t have spoken to him when I saw him, which, actually I can’t even really remember who spoke first, but I really don’t even think it was me, I think it was him, but even if it was, he still blames me for that, even, like I made him do it because I just soooo overwhelmed him; really?


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