Hands, Age, and Claddagh Rings

The other day, I was in my car, driving on a date: on my way to the Carolina Ale House. I don’t know why this registered, but I looked down at my hands; only for a moment. I remembered being young; in my mid to late teens, and not really liking my hands. In fact, I remember disliking them.

I thought my hands were stubby and round and, as I would describe them at the time, I had “little sausage fingers”. I was way too hard on myself in a lot of aspects.

As time has gone by, I have learned to love myself inside and out. Do I have the perfect Greek physique? Not even close. I do, however, have a lovely heart, and I live a life without regrets. I have learned to trust in God, and not have fear in every situation. I have learned that I do not look like a boy(I really did once think I did), and I love dressing up when I get the chance. How beautiful life can be if you really learn to live it!

I think as life goes on, we learn to judge ourselves more for what we are and less for what we look like. I rarely feel uncomfortable in my skin now. (except when I am at the gym, but then… there are few who do not)

You see, my hands are now beautiful to me. They look much the same except for the age that is obviously worn in to them. The shadows of the night highlight every line, and I remember the hard work that etched these hands. I can look at my hands: still feminine, still youthful, but full of my story, and be proud of where I have been, what I have come through and overcome. I can be reminded of all that I have labored for and achieved, all the love I have shown, all the years I have given. They are truly giving, loving, hands: hands that have learned how to embrace the hurting, hands that have learned how to reach in to someone’s life and touch it with the love of Christ. I am grateful to God for these stubby, beautiful, sausage fingered hands.

One of my favorite things to wear is my Claddagh ring. It symbolizes love(the heart), loyalty(the crown), and friendship(the hands), b89f2d2d6d181d375d04f1c56f9f8ebband it links to the Irish part of my heritage (which, as a bit of an adventurous spirit, I have always identified with) Often people are aware of the meaning of this ring, but to not know that there is significance to the positioning with which it is worn. I’ll help explain here how that works.

If the ring is worn on the right hand with the heart point facing away from the body, the person is single. If the heart is pointed towards your body on the right hand, it means the person’s heart has been captured.

On the left hand, if the ring is worn with the sharp part of the heart pointing away from them, they are engaged. If the point is directed towards their body on this hand, they are married.

Here is a chart I found to help illustrate for you:


Whatever your hands look like, learn to love them, for they are the way you reach out to others. They become a symbol of your relationships, friendships, and work.

6 thoughts on “Hands, Age, and Claddagh Rings

  1. Thanks, truejoy! I relate. Although I thought my hands were too big – well, they still are, but they work for me! God made them that way for His purpose not mine, so let us use both of our hands to serve Him with gladness.

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  2. Dear Joy,

    I liked reading about Claddagh ring culture. I had not heard about it ever before. Is this ring part of Irish tradition?

    Is that emerald in it?

    I like that you love yourself and you have accepted life. Without love and self-acceptance we can’t help others and can’t love them.

    Your posts are delight to me 🙂

    Have a nice weekend,


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    1. Thank you Anand!
      Yes Claddagh ring is part of Irish culture. Not all of them have an emrald as the heart(it is my birthstone, and yes, mine has an emerald) but they all have the hands holding a heart with a crown on top.
      It has taken me some time in life to love all the little bits of me, and I am sure I will find other pieces eventually that I need to come to terms with, but for the most part, I have tried to deal with things as they are instead of how I want to make them, and it has helped. Thank you so much for your kind comments. They are always such an encouragement.
      You enjoy your weekend as well!
      Carey Joy

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