Patiotism: the Love of our Country

Being from the United States of America, I have a uniquely american perspective of patriotism. In fact, I would say I have a white christian american perspective on patriotism, but my heart burns with burdens for this country, especially in the present day. (in response to the daily post’s prompt: I Pledge Allegiance)

Patriotism has always been huge to me. I grew up in a very patriotic family: my grandfathers all served in the military, two during war time and one during peace. My parents ingrained in me a deep love of the ideals this country was born on. Even seeing patriotism in other countries brings me close to tears. I have empathy for the feelings of others. One of my favorite Bollywood movies is Rang De Basanti a beautifully captured patriotic spirit rings clearly through the screen.


Growing up, I learned so many wonderful things about this country. Every good thing there was seemed to be built in to our DNA. The United States of America: a place where justice and liberty reigned, the common man could rise above his circumstances, and power was not placed above people, people relied on prayer and fellowship, rather than force and argument. Independence day on July 4th is and has always been one of my favorite holidays. I tear up every year thinking of the sacrifices that so many have made for this country: for me.

Growing older, and getting in to college, I saw so many things where corruption has taken root: In local, state, federal government. That is just a normal part of the process in life, and luckily we have a system that keeps a lot more corruption out than I have seen in some other countries. (not that other people should not be proud of their countries either. I am just grateful for our checks and balances) What truly bothers me and concerns me for this country is that much of today’s generation doesn’t seem to care.

The individuals that I see coming in  to adulthood now don’t care if there is corruption: they have accepted it as normal, and our leaders as our enemies and they treat them as such. Authority in all its forms has grown to be hated, partly because of abuse of power, partly because of rebellion running rampant in the hearts of our brothers and sisters. Our leaders are not supposed to be our enemies. They are supposed to be looked up to, honored, and important members of society. If you don’t like how leadership is being handled, we live in a great country where you can get involved and actually CHANGE things! Yes, it takes many, not just one. Do you think that people should stop joining the military because one man cannot win a war? No! They join, they give, they make a difference BECAUSE THEY CARE.

Our country was built on the common man, but the common man now ignores responsibility, is lazy, doesn’t even want to take the time to go vote. We are turning in to a nation of entitled youngsters who believe we “deserve” to win, “deserve” to be comfortable, “deserve” to have a good job handed to us. We have forgotten the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors, and nothing will ever be accomplished if we focus on ourselves and forget the truths of history.

So consider this a call out, a reckoning is happening in this country, and if you will not step up and be a leader in this country, If you will not get up in a willingness to participate in this country, what you know and have known as The United States of America will cease to exist. Get up, TRUST GOD, humble yourselves, work hard, pray for this country, and be a part of what is going on in the world. Find a cause that you really do care about and fight for it!

So what is patriotism to me? Not adherence to bureaucratic rule or any ruler that happens to be in office (though I do believe respect for leaders is a very Godly value) but caring enough for one’s country to RISK OUR OWN COMFORT in order to fight for a better tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “Patiotism: the Love of our Country

  1. Hi Carey Joy! I have nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award.

    I would like to thank you personally for making my journey an exceptionally enjoyable one here. If you are inundated with awards, or would prefer not to participate, please just accept my sincere thanks for being part of my world…nothing is expected in return.

    All My Love!

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