The Liebster Award

Nominated again by the lovely joseelavallee. thank you for sharing the love! and although I will not do a full post, I want to answer her questions posted.

1. If you could meet any one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why? I feel as if I have met everyone that I have the need to meet, and Jesus and I talk every day in prayer and through the word, so I would pick a fictional character: probably Dr. Who…
Why do you write? I feel like writing is a part of who I am: etched in to the very fabric of my being. I believe it is a talent that God has given me, and, as such, it is an instrument with which I can praise him. I feel alive when I write.
What genre do you like to read? I’m assuming you’re a reader if you are a writer 🙂 I love reading classic novels, political speeches, christian living (especially things like derek prince), and historical fiction!
How do your family or friends support your writing? My Mom has always been very actively encouraging of my writing. She loves seeing me do what I love. everyone else kind of… lets it happen, and knows that I eventually plan on publishing one of my books… or more. Whatever I can do. lol
Would you write a book? if so, what would the title be? I have written several. Many are historical fiction, and one is a christian living book about the power of forgiveness in our lives. This one is called “unchained” and I am currently in the editing process before trying to get it published. (yay!)
Love is… a beautiful choice, an overflowing of the love of Christ in us, and the best way to choose to live one’s life.
What is your favorite activity other than writing? spending time with the people I love, crafts of all kinds (painting is my current favorite) and spending time outdoors, dancing (oh my gosh, I know its not just one but I greatly enjoy so many things!!!) singing
Coffee or tea? Tea, hands down. I will drink coffee but I have always had a great appreciation for good tea.
What motivates you to get up everyday? Seeing where God is going to take me and what this journey holds. being able to give my love to those around me, and being able to make people smile.
If you could have one superpower…what would it be? Teleportation: then I could be able to see anyone that I want to at any time. No more knowing that there are friends I will probably never see again because they are scattered throughout the world everywhere now.

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