Tea on a Tuesday

I am a lover of tea. I believe I got this from my grandmother on my Mom’s side. Grandma Braden was a very proper lady. She had a house full of lovely things, and took great care of both the interior and exterior of the place. She was a hard 11903416_723883654593_456047102_nworking woman, and loved God. I often think of her when I drink tea.

My parents bought me a little ceramic tea set as a young girl, and I used to sip out of it. Mom would make me tea and I would enjoy real sips of the beverage at my tea parties(always with real friends or siblings rather than dolls and stuffed animals); it was fun, and social, and made me happy. It was more than just tea: it was friendship, and memories, and family.

Most of my family love coffee. I am the only one who loves tea, though they will sometimes have it, they drink coffee daily. I have an entire shelf dedicated to various loose leaf teas, and a small teapot collection that I have gathered over the years.

Last weekend my mother gave be this beautiful tea cup, so, here I am at the office; Royal Albert “country roses” in hand, sipping on a little cup of delicate earl grey 11880749_723883649603_988497275_nhappiness, thinking about how wonderful it once felt to dig potatoes out of the soil at my grandmother’s house and know that they were going to be part of dinner. How wonderful the memory is 🙂

What type of things remind you of your family? What are some childhood memories that make you smile? Please share!

6 thoughts on “Tea on a Tuesday

  1. Right Hemisphere: Beautiful feelings. We had a little chit-chat earlier and it also gave me this sense. You look so relaxed in your office! I was thinking you were at your home lol 😀

    Stress has become such a norm in offices that to see a happy go lucky guy is abnormal 😀

    Your grandmother was fab I suppose–close to your heart–how lovely 🙂

    I used to drink tea too as it was a culture in our home. Now I don’t. Sometimes I do start doing it again but then I give it completely up. Last 5 months I have been sober.

    Do you use milk in tea? Indian people mostly use milk. Only modern stylish fab girls take ‘black’ tea to stay fit. Some naturopath also use green tea. Have you tried green tea?

    { Please overlook this hemisphere if you don’t feel good about it. Just drop me a word. I would stop playing stalker 😀 😀 }

    Left Hemisphere:

    “Last weekend my mother gave be this beautiful”

    { me }

    I noticed two more grammatical errors. If you can find them–kudos. If not, let me know 🙂

    [ Please delete/edit this comment after having corrected your prose–as you deem good. I consider you a good friend now–that’s how I dared doing this. And if you want me to stop finding typos in your writing–I would stop. Completely. I promise. 🙂 }

    Have a nice day ahead Joy 🙂

    Joy(Anand) 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for the well thought out reply anand!
      Right Hemisphere: I drink many kinds of tea. I have many black teas (which I do sometimes turn in to milk tea: I have had Pakistani, Afghan, Indian, and Nepalese friends tell me it would be restaurant quality, but I think they are just being too sweet.) I have tried many types of green tea. I usually make myself different type of loose leaf. My favorite is green tea with jasmine. My favorite black tea is Orange Pekoe, followed closely by earl gray. Lapseng is a wonderful smoked tea to which I always add milk.
      Left Hemisphere:
      I never mind that you share improvements and things you notice. It only makes my blog better. I also do consider you a friend by now. 🙂
      you have a wonderful day as well Anand 😀

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