Fun Date Friday! Living Room Camp-out

Friday is again upon us, and I had started my random date ideas last friday, I thought it would be a fun thing to make it a regular installment. Welcome once again to Fun Date Friday.


One thing I love is camping. It can be so enjoyable to set up a tent and sprawl across the ground or an air mattress or a bunch of pillows; whatever floats your boat, really. Camping season for me is fast approaching but during the summer here in the northern part of the south, it is very very rainy and then humid and then rainy again. It can make camping not quite as enjoyable as it can be when you are hunkered down in a soggy tent trying to stay out of the rain.

If you are craving a little camping, or just a little quality time with your significant other, try camping in the front room! It is a perfect mix of the comforts of home and the fun of a camping trip.

What I did (a while ago… time to have some fun again!) is set my tent up in the living room, throw every couch cushion, pillow, or other fluffy comfortable object I could in to the bottom, line with blankets, and cuddle up. I left the front flap open facing the television, and turned on a movie. I also popped a big bowl of popcorn and got my favorite soda to sip on while watching. You can do this for fun by yourself, with your friends, or of course as an awesome date or family night. It almost feels drive-in-esque sitting in the tent, watching a movie out the front. Have fun! Relax! laugh with each other! (that is the point of an easygoing night like this)

Best thing about this camping trip to me: no bugs to clean off and out of the tent the next morning!!!!

Enjoy, and Happy Camping!!


13 thoughts on “Fun Date Friday! Living Room Camp-out

  1. Its a great idea! My son and I love camping, we have frequent camping night outs in our backyard or at times in the spare bedroom (no furniture in there). My son has most of his sleepovers also in the ‘fort’ that we made in the spare bedroom! Camping is always fun!
    I am going to try the living room camping with my son for the labor day long weekend!

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  2. I love this! Your blog is so cheery and effervescent. Your personality just shines through. Great layout by the way, it’s very ethereal. Ah-mazing. I’ll be back!

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