Prompts: 500 word story: Stuck in a Good Book

The following story is in response to Tipsylit’s prompt: Stuck in a Good Book. If you guys like it make sure to follow the link and vote for my comment! 😀


I have always thought that books are a great means of escape: a temporary fix for the stresses this life seems to place upon us. So, I followed a young girl down a rabbit hole. I grew, I shrunk too, and grew again. I have had tea with those some might call lunatic, or kooky, frenzied, lost control of all sense. From this, I awoke, so I decided to travel again:

To a land underneath earth: where dinosaurs still roamed, and underground rivers flowed. I journeyed out of danger before the world came to nothingness. Again, my heart was set to wander.

This time, I took a great vessel, along with a crew of very experienced men. The captain was quiet, and filled with anger. He was a curious man, and I did not care to cross him. With him, I saw much of the world, and was attacked by a giant squid, but this life was not right to sustain me.

I escaped, then, to an island: somehow hidden from so many in the sands of time. Strange creatures the likes that I had never seen, though I was sure I had seen them before in some form: and then destruction was again foretold, and I knew it was not for me to stay.

I met a ginger girl, Anne, I believe was her name. I remember her possessing much spunk and a fiery spirit! The boy she fought with: her enemy who had crossed her the wrong way when he was young; he was her beau now. She became too busy, and it was time to move on.

I journeyed in to space once too, though I did not mean too: I was kidnapped by a crazy scientist who just had to bring me to the moon with him. I felt that he had dishonest reasons to take me along. There was something he was not telling me, so I chose, again, to escape: to get out of harm’s way, really, but adventure suits me. It always has. It always will.

So I journeyed to France. Oh what a sight! I was watching the student revolution unfold before my eyes. How I longed for justice along with these young men and women! How I hoped to be brave, and resolute! i_don_t_just_read_good_books2The poor were too poor, the rich were too rich, and hunger and pain led to frustration and then desperation. The soldiers surrounded the barricade, and this time there was no way out. No means of escape could be accessed by me.

My heart raced: the pounding of drums and choruses rang through my head as the blood of angry men set to die for their cause ran in the streets. I did not want to be stuck here. There was too much left to do!

Real injustice cut to my soul like a bullet, and my heart stopped. In these pages to remain: forevermore. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no pla…

23 thoughts on “Prompts: 500 word story: Stuck in a Good Book

  1. A beautiful post. I love Wonderland. I suppose I have not read others. I have watched more films than the books I have read. As a young kid I was a voracious reader of local comic books in India.

    This is a wonderful post. I am going to vote for you. 🙂

    Best Wishes,


      1. Okay, I know Alice in Wonderland. Anne of Green Gables? Journey to the center of the Earth? The France one I’m guessing Les Miserables, but I didn’t know there was a book. And the space scientist one is so familiar but I can’t recall. Would love to know what 3 and 4 is too!

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      2. Yes! all correct, and there surely is: quite lengthy, by Victory Hugo. The one with the space scientist is part of a space trilogy by C. S. Lewis: out of the Silent Planet.
        10,000 leagues under the sea, and mysterious island by Jules Verne.

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      3. It is quite hard to explain, but the main story arc is of a character – Miles Vorkosigan – and his adventures, life, progress through military career. In space.
        Highly recommend because the characters are superb, and although Miles is ‘disabled’, when you read about him his personality and other skills make up for it completely.

        Liked by 1 person

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