The Love Sessions: Love does not Dishonor Others

Yesterday, without really thinking about it I already addressed pride and why it does not belong in our lives. With this being said, the next thing the verse mentions is the fact that love does not dishonor others (love is not rude, depending on the version you are reading).

What does it mean to dishonor others, and why would we choose not to do it?

Honor, as definied by is: honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions. Dishonor, then would be exactly the opposite: lack or loss of honor; disgraceful or dishonest character (

Treating someone with dishonor would be acting towards them in a way that disgraces them, causes them to lose honor, and is dishonest. Even with just that, I feel like the argument is a good enough one to keep from treating people with dishonor. None of us would wish to treat a loved one in such a way.

If we are living a life of love as God commands us to in the Bible, should it really only be our loved ones who are blessed through our actions, though? how many of us get to that point where we are just fed up with someone enough to pull a mooshoo?

 Or even worse, instead of dealing face to face with issues, individuals talk behind other’s backs. Frustration can come out in so many ways, and often times turn the other cheek isn’t really turning the other cheek. If you are turning the other cheek just to go talk about a person while they are away, that is not really turning the other cheek. It is not really sacrifice. It does not matter how you express your frustration, if it is being discussed with anyone but God or someone who really truly will help the problem, it is gossip and it is wrong.

We need to be proactive, bringing things to God in prayer; talking to people we have problems with in wisdom, and seasoned with salt. We need to test our words before they come out of our mouths to see if how we are about to treat others will also honor God.

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