Fun Date Friday! Jazz up Your Movie Night

madhatter  Movies are a popular Friday night date. fallI can’t say that that in particular is a new idea or a creative one. I propose setting aside the normal and venturing in to the unknown: pushing the boundaries of what you typically feel comfortable with and opting for a little bit of silliness.

I was born with the silly bone. Being that it is October, there are plenty of fun things to do as far as dressing up. There are costumes, costume jewelry, batgirlcolored hair spray, and much much more available at almost every large shopping center for relatively affordable amounts.

One thing that I have done all too few times is dressing up to go to the movies. Now, I don’t mean getting in to you friday night best: indyI mean dressing to match the movie. Some movies are easier than others to do this with. You can choose the degree to which you disguise yourself. To the great Gatsby, I wore a long string of pearls (fake ones of course!) and did my hair and makeup to match the era. tigerI hope to soon create a female version of Thor’s armour and go to an avengers movie with friends: each dressed as a different member of the avengers.

I realize that many may not get a thrill when thinking of going full comic con to a public theatre. That is ok. Do what just pushes your boundaries a tiny bit. Don’t make yourself uncomfortable. You can even opt to stay mustachiohome and watch a film with your honey and dress up there for fun. There are some movies that are easy to find costumes for and some that are fairly difficult. I mean, most movies out there the characters dress pretty much normal, right? Find a movie you can really get in to and take a leap of silliness together! dress up

Getting a little bit out of your comfort zone with each other can really spice things up. It gets your heart racing, adrenaline pumping, and ads a little bit of excitement to a typically normal night.

Now, make sure to have tons of fun! Build your relationship, relax, enjoy, and tell me your stories!!!


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