Fun Date Friday: Corn Maze!!!

One of my go-to things to do every autumn is a corn maze. Now, I’m not in to haunted things. I

My brother and his lovely fiance
My brother and his lovely fiance

love thrills, don’t get me wrong. I don’t scare easily either. I just find that the thought of zombies and chainsaw murderers, and disfigured horror show characters distasteful.

My adorable little niece!!!
My adorable little niece!!! in her daddy’s hat

There are many hours to go to corn mazes, however, to go to corn mazes and not fear that you will meet with any gruesome, blood dripping, guts hanging mess of a group.

Now, if that is your thing, the last few weeks before Halloween, most mazes hold haunted wanderings after dark. I am just going to stick to my daytime hours.

This year, I had the joy of attending two corn mazes: one with the gentleman I am going out with, and one with my family. They both were interactive, which I have found makes a maze a little more of an adventure. You see, most people can find their way in and out of a corn maze. How quickly can you get in to the corn maze, find every letter in order, and make it out the designated exit? IMG_0150I think it may have already become apparent, but I love puzzles, and challenges. I relish the opportunity to rise up and meet a challenge head on, and succeed. Corn mazes often are a great chance to do so!

Here are a few of the corn mazes I have been to in recent years:

Ken’s Korny Corn Maze: Garner NC– This is my favorite local corn maze. Not only is Ken’s the longest operating corn maze in North Carolina, they draw a picture every year that you have to find your way through while finding the letters that spell out “Kens Corn Maze”. there are typically between 2.5 and 3 miles of maze to walk through, and attendants throughout the maze are there to answer questions and help those who are lost, or have an emergency. They have a watch tower built for safety purposes. They also are great for kids because Ken’s is more than just a maze.IMG_0146 There are playgrounds, water pumps that create lanes for rubber duck races, a corn pit (like a giant sand box but filled with corn kernels), animals to pet and feed, a “corn tunnel” rope maze, giant checker boards, miniature golf, and more. Almost everything is included in the cost of admission. (it is $1 for a rubber duck to take home with you) Going to Kens reminds me of simpler times and childhood. The maze itself is a good challenge, but not unconquerable, and I love that they set up two “rest areas” within the maze to rest, drink fountain water, and use the bathroom if one needs.

Phillips Farms: Cary NC– This maze ranks second for me in NC. It is definately worth the trip and money for admission ($10 I think for the maze and most activities?) The maze itself is not IMG_0160quite as challenging as Ken’s but there are many many attractions including a “cow train” (on the left) an apple cannon, corn launcher, giant rocking chair, fun house and much more. There are several attractions here that cost a little extra. I would recommend bringing cash. They do accept credit, but have only one terminal, which makes¬†purchasing snacks like this amazing kettle IMG_0155corn(right) a little bit more difficult.

The maze itself is a lot of fun. It is what I would consider a medium length maze, and more easily navigable than Ken’s. At the entrance to the maze, you are handed a guide of sorts: filled with nine questions, the questionnaire lets you know whether to turn right or left based on your answers at marked points throughout the maze. We even got to choose between three categories of questions!

Naylor Family Farm: Apex NC– This farm is definately more about the attractions than the corn maze. Without exaggerating, I can tell you that my family and I took about five minutes getting through the maze last year. Now, they do have amazingly creative and fun attractions outside of this. There is a hay ride that takes you to the corn maze. once you have passed through the maze, you can head over to the bouncy horse races, the peddle IMG_0158car derby, or the pumpkin patch. seven dollar admission was definitely worth the fun I had. Just don’t go for the maze alone.

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