Oblivion: a poem 

World taken with media

Need information? Use Wikipedia

Media’s cost?

interaction lost

human value tossed.

The cross is forgotten.

Farmers without seed

world in so much need.

kids grow up scrolling through their feed;

potential leaders who never learn to lead

or be led

They lie in bed

more taken by the newest game

or finding fame.

Keeping so busy, they don’t hear

the shame that calls out: that tear

the heart sheds

ignoring than the person with nothing to eat.

the world lies at our feet

and we stare in to our screens oblivious

to the promise

we’ve given up on.

in return for lies: empty promises lacking any meat.

We would rather be oblivious

Than inconvenienced.

Keep our world neat, uncomplicated please

Even if that means ignoring the truth we so obviously see

So you and me

Stay oblivious. To the hurt outside of us.

-truejoy86 (Carey Boyce)

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