Things I have learned in my late 20s #2: I LOVE Makeup!

For my second installment on “things I have learned in my late 20s,” I would like to talk about my take on makeup.

Most girls grow up loving makeup. I did not, much to my mother and little sister’s (especially little sister’s) chagrin. I did not like applying it. I did not like wearing it. It got in the way of my active lifestyle, it felt gross on my skin: mostly because I associated it with being shallow and trying to be someone I was not. I refused to wear makeup except on the most fanciful occasions.

In high school, I likes mascara and that was even only a once a week application: if that. I still associated makeup with being someone I was not: the shallow girls who were obsessed with image. I was a deep thinker, more likely to spend time writing a novel than talking to friends about the latest hollywood hottie.

In my mid to late twenties, however, my view on makeup changed. I began to spend time with friends from college who were from other countries. There were many independant, expressive, self assured women with whom I related well. They all loved wearing makeup! There were so many different products that I had not seen before. My indian and nepalese friends would occasionally draw with henna on my hands and feet. I bought an inner eyeliner called Kajal. It did not hurt my eyes or feel uncomfortable, and it smelled good: more natural than I was used to makeup smelling!

I started to really enjoy doing my makeup: not as something that I had to do to make myself beautiful, but as a form of self expression! Some days I still choose to wear none. Some days I highlight my eyes and do nothing else. Some days I do intense lips, or intense eyes, or have fun playing with contouring(still learning how to do this well) Some days I go crazy with colorful brights on my eyes or lips. It is just fun to me.

I have even subscribed to Ipsy, a monthly makeup subscription program in which I receive several large sized high quality samples (sometimes full sized products too) for only $10.00 a month!

I plan to write more on my subscription with ipsy, but I am saving that for another post.

Mostly, I have learned, if something makes me happy, and is not detrimental to my health or livlihood, I should do it.




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