Hooked: A Helpful App

hookedWorking in the vicinity of a college or university can have its upsides. One of these being the easy access to many types of cuisine at affordable rates. A college area is set up to have a lot available in a small radius as the student population is often limited in both time and transportation methods. Since it is made available to the area, I am able to have my pick of almost any type of food I desire on my short lunch break, and as a self-declared foodie, I have relished this opportunity.

As I was purchasing lunch a couple months ago at one of my many favorite restaurants, Zoe’s Mediterranean, I spotted a small add for an app called “Hooked.”

At first, I thought this might be a dating app, and was not going to even look it up, “but then,” I thought, “why would Zoe’s be advertising for it?” On further observation I noticed that their add specified “find us on the Hooked app.”

Now, many of you may know what hooked is, and many may not. Let me share my wonder when I finally discovered the great idea that is Hooked.

Upon opening the app, Hooked asks you which college you are near. Now, you do not have to be a student to use it (I am many years out of college now), but it is set up to find participating restaurants in your area based off of the college that you are nearest to. Once I chose the most local North Carolina college to the place I work, I was able to see a scroll down, easy to access list of local fare.

Now, the list is not the only helpful thing. Each of the local restaurants participating in the Hooked app offer some sort of discount every time they are showing on the app. Often times, this is during the several hours of breakfast or lunch, and it is only known and available for use to the folks who use the app! I now get free hummus or cake every time I go to Zoe’s just because I use my in app daily coupon. I have also received a couple of no purchase needed free meals, many half off or buy one get one meals from local businesses, and there is so much that I have yet to go try!

Whoever the mastermind was behind hooked, they have done an amazing job. This app makes eating out funner; adds more variety as it increases my knowledge of affordable area restaurants; and it is so easy to use! I have recommended it to many coworkers. It would be useful to anyone working within a few miles of a college, as well as any students of said colleges and universities.


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