Fun Date Friday: Disconnect to Connect


I don’t know how many of you remember the times before cellphones became a big thing, and facebook or other “social media” was the center of our social lives. I remember a simpler time where one went out and socialized with neighbors, had neighborhood barbecues, community sales, and outings with people they knew from life-things.

Social Media and other high tech communication devices are not bad; they can be great tools in life. However, they should not consume our lives, or detract from the charm of the present moment.

For today’s fun date friday, I want to put forth a challenge. This may be easy for some, and hard for others.

Spend a few hours with your significant other without the use of media/multimedia/social media. This means: no cell phones, tablets, television, movies, computer, etc. Spent time with each other one on one.

“What am I going to do?” you might say.

How about cooking a meal together, reading part of a book, cuddling up near the fireplace and talking, playing board games or card games? There are so many possibilities! Show the one you care for just how much they mean to you by giving them your undivided attention!

This will be especially meaningful for those who are primarily the Quality Time love language type. you can take the quiz here. (very enlightening for those who have not yet taken it!)

Unplugging from social technology allows us to focus on the person we are with. It is easy to get caught up in life and let time pass without truly being intimate in a mental and emotional way. This is so very important for maintaining and growing a healthy relationship!

Have you ever unplugged for a time? How did it effect you or your relationship?

Until next time: Happy Friday!!!



4 thoughts on “Fun Date Friday: Disconnect to Connect

  1. I like this idea. The last time we went out to eat we made a rule: no checking the cell phone. But for some reason we don’t have the rule at home. Why not?! You’re right, we need to have some unplugged time. 🙂

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  2. It’s awesome to unplug. Spent a few days over Christmas in Koh Samet, Thailand with the girlfriend, and besides the occasional photos of the beautiful island, we were totally unplugged. I also left my wrist watch back in Bangkok before leaving for the island, which I almost always do when I’m going on a beach-type vacation. Just to don’t even know or need to know the time is deliberating as hell!

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