Heroclix: the Ultimate Superhero War Game


It is no secret that I am a nerd. I have a T-shirt that declares it proudlynerd (though my sister has expressed her lack of understanding as to why I would wear such a thing. She pointed it out in a store one day as a joke, and I was instantly taken with it.) and many friends that will tell you the same.

war machineI could easily be one of those people who let it take over my life, but I greatly limit my absorption in to nerdery for the simple reason that I only have so much time in a day and I prefer to be productive with that time. I want my life to mean something, and touch others, and if I consume myself too much with superheroes and fantasy, I will not be engaged in the moment reaching lost souls for Christ, I will be engaging my mind with possibilities and imaginary worlds.

One thing I have found recently (within the last few months) is a game called Heroclix, by Wizkids. I LOVE THIS GAME!!! The game pieces are different characters: some from DC, some from Marvel, some from Star Trek, some from movies such as Pacific Rim. This game is the ultimate ‘what if’ scenario. You can pit the Avengers against a Kaiju, the green lantern corps borg.jpgagainst the Borg cube, a red lantern, a stormgreen lantern, and an alien against the predators (from the predator movie). It is truly an interesting feat.

There are objects and relics that can be picked up and used as weapons if your character has the strength to do so (all listed on his or her abilities card). I played as war machine last weekend, and rolled to pick up a black lantern ring, so I gained the ability to steal life energy if I weakened an opponent in battle. This is just one of almost innumerable scenarios you can create.guy

The game itself takes about 45 minutes to three hours depending on how high of a point value you set for the teams (more points = more kaijucharacters or stronger characters used, which also means more time is invested to take the other team down.)

In order to start, one must only purchase a couple of characters, dice, and a board. Rules are available online, and almost any question that you have, an answer can be found by googling and reviewing what past judges in tournaments have ruled about the scenario. ring

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