Adventurous Goal Setting

It may seem like a contradiction, at least it did to me most of my life, but goal setting is important for those of us with adventurous hearts so that we actually get things done that we want to do!

Here I am: I’m nearly thirty years old, and I did a lot less in my late twenties than I had hoped. This was not for lack of wanting to do things, but for a lack of planning, many thoughts did not come to fruition.

Now, one thing I learned to do pretty awesomely in this last six months (and this was very on purpose) is foster my existing friendships better. I’ll write more about this in another post because it has drastically changed my life in a positive way.

I have to get better at setting goals. Although I am beginning to do so (I have always been a quite spontaneous person: the one you could just call up and I would make things happen), I need to do more to be where I want to be.

Thanks to the blogosphere, I get to read posts from How to Get Things Done in 10 Ways. She is an amazing planner, and I am taking a page from her book and beginning to make monthly goals. Hopefully, this will keep me on better track with weight loss, health, relationships, and ministry as well as little random things I want to get done.

Here are the goals that I will set for April (hey, we are only one day away, and this way I don’t get to the end of the month and say “hey April fools! I posted them on April 1st. I was just kidding!”)


  1. Get to the gym at least 3 times every week: last month I got to the gym twice all month. That is progress for me, but I need to improve on that as well. This needs to become a priority.
  2. Start Juicing again: I loved how I felt when I was juicing before but I have ignored this part of my regimen. I would love to feel the health effects of this again!
  3. Lose 5 lbs: This should not be difficult. I lost 3 this month without really getting more active, so I see no problem getting 5 off if I’m making an effort.


  1. Clean car clutter once a week: I’m really bad about letting my life build up in my car until it is a HUGE job to clean. I want to do better with this.
  2. Follow budget that I already set:seriously, this should not be this difficult


  1. Share a meal/outing with at least 2 friends: outside of regularly scheduled gatherings like church.


  1. Hike at least twice this month: it is the season to be outdoors!
  2. Read at least one book
  3. Schedule at least one camping trip: self explanatory.

Growing in God:

  1. I have goals for this, for myself, but I don’t want to share because it is not about pride, it is about getting closer. I will hold myself to the standards I set and I’ll let you know at the end of the month if I kept to them all.


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