I am Not Alone: Kari Jobe

This is the song that has been stuck in my head today.

This week has been an interesting one. I have been back and forth from the hospital as someone very close to me has had a family member in serious condition. There have been several things that have touched me.

First, I have gotten to experience first hand the faith that we as Christians hold to based in God’s promises, and seen it vastly contrasted by the hopelessness that I see in many people around me. Thank you God that we can cling to hope and your promises rather than the situations “facts”. THANK YOU that we can see a hopeless situation, and relinquish the worry and fear to you in prayer, saying with both our word and action “God’s got this. I am not helpless because my Heavenly Father cares, and HE is working out this situation out for good.” THANK YOU that we can look at pain and sickness with hope rather than despair because Our God reigns! Christ has overcome all on the cross. Through his blood, he brought healing to heart, soul, and body. We need only to rely on HIM.

Second, I have seen family clinging to each other and going out of their way for each other. What a beautiful thing family is.

Third, I have seen humanity. There have been several people this week who have given selflessly in small ways that have had a huge impact on the people I care about, and I have been touched by this as well, so for you people in the world who have not let the things of life harden your hearts: those who still reach out in love to those around you as Christ commanded us to do, THANK YOU. Thank you for being the hands of Christ.

Fourth, I have seen and relied on God’s provision. I sometimes find things a bit tight between paychecks, but The LORD ALWAYS PROVIDES! My Jehova Jirah “The Lord will provide.” I have had all that I need and have not given in to the devil’s worry trap.

Finally, I have seen the presence of GREAT FAITH which is always such a joy to me! God says his strength is made perfect in our weakness, and the Bible also states that the joy of the LORD is our strength. How wonderful when we can LIVE this as a witness to those around us!

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