Question of the Day

If you had the time, energy, fitness level, and resources to start ANY new hobby, or resurrect any old hobby, which would it be?


8 thoughts on “Question of the Day

    1. That is wonderful that, despite a busy schedule, you still make sure to get a taste of reading in. I hope life gets to the point where it can become more regular for you again. Which book are you currently reading?

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      1. Yes, although I suppose I appreciate it more because it’s such a treat! I’m reading “La Peste” (The Plague) by Albert Camus at the moment… it’s perfect for summer, no-one describes heat and sunlight like Camus.

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  1. I’ll start writing more often. I have been very depressed off lately as my follower base has been shrinking, lesser bloggers take interest in what I write and they do not comment or like much now. And all this because I’m not able to give the time and energy that my blog requires owing to all my preoccupations and priorities. Ugh, sad life.

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