Refocus and De-clutter your Life

Whenever I find myself lost in life, and seemingly unable to meet the goals I have set for myself-frustrated yet again at my lack of consistency and discipline-I do a refocus.

Refocusing helps in many ways.

1. Refocusing calls me to look at my limitations. (time, money, transportation, etc)

2. Refocusing calls me to look at my resources.

3. Refocusing allows me to see what is possible and what is not possible for me. This is one of my favorite parts of planning, as I ADORE possibilities. Even the word itself is brimming with hope for the future!!! (future: there is another amazing word)

4. Once I figure out what is within my reach, refocusing allows me to compile a plan. I take these possibilities and put them together in a way that the important ones can be accomplished.

5. Refocusing helps me reduce clutter in my life. Historically, I have a problem with clutter. I like to keep things long after they have become useless to me personally; I get sentimentally attached easily; and I cling to too many things believing that “someday I will…”

About three years ago, I set out on a de-cluttering journey. I have had to embrace the truth that just because I have the ability to do something does not mean I am going to do it. I have had to become brutally honest with myself about who I am now versus who I used to be. I have had to take a very honest look at what drives me and what I value most so that the important things of life so not get mixed in with the clutter. This has allowed me to learn to prioritize and be much more diligent and productive than what used to be.

This picture here was found on Pinterest and inspire this article. I love the line that says

“Don’t let a bad week turn in to a bad month.”

Just keep in mind: We don’t always accomplish everything that we are hoping to each day, but if you find yourself far off track, it is never too late to refocus, and get back on the road to victory.

start today

15 thoughts on “Refocus and De-clutter your Life

    1. Lol 🙂 well put perspective. I, personally, have always been one for veggies, fruits, and meats. I don’t know how much bread and potatoes I would ever have if I had the resources to have a good garden 🙂

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      1. Meh, I’m more attracted to the bad boys – sugar, fat, carbs….But I stay away from ’em because they’re not so good for me. Not truly my friends; they only make you feel good for a short while!

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      1. Lyon’s original blend loose leaf is my tea of choice… I discovered Lyon’s after I moved to Dublin and I love it so much that I bring a stash whenever I travel! It’s pretty hard to get outside of Ireland. I also have a box of Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger in my cupboard just now, which I’ve been drinking loads. How about you? Oh, and I also have a novelty tea infuser… mine’s a frog! 😀

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      2. Oh, how cute, a frog! My favorite is earl grey, though I don’t have a particular brand I prefer. I like jasmine green tea with ginger a lot as well. I have a whole shelf of teas of different varieties at home. Actually, I collect tea pots as well. I was the only tea drinker in my immediate family, but my new sister-in-law has a great appreciation for a good tea as well.

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