Truejoy’s Daily Song: Wonder

When I really want to enter in to the presance of God through worship and praise, Bethel Music is one of my go-to groups. Based out of Redding, California, they have produced many wonderful pieces. You make me Brave, It is Well(based on the old hymn, It is Well With my Soul), ShepherdWonder… I could go on. They have so many beautiful and encouraging pieces. Many times, I throw on my “You Make me Brave” cd and sit there and commune with God, not only talking, but listening.

I was blessed to be able to attend a worship session held by bethel in Durham, NC last year. It was amazing! Not only was the worship magnificent, but there were prophetic words given, and words of encouragement. The Holy Spirit was most definitely flowing throughout the meeting.

Where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom: chains are broken, and captives set free. There is so much spiritual freedom in this song. (It is also very relaxing to my spirit.)

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