Second Chance+Bonus- Rend Collective Experiment

One of my favorite musical groups is Rend Collective Experiment. The group is from Ireland, and decided to push the boundaries of what “normal” music groups do. Their music is truly a community collaboration, and brings in unique “instruments,” such as a colorful children’s Xylophone, and  drum set, a bubble gum machine, colorful bells, and even a tea kettle. I love how unique this group is.

The group’s sound- a mix of folk and praise- is refreshing and down to earth.

Rend Collective Experiment formed from a passion that the church shared to reach out to God in an authentic way. According to their official website, linked earlier in the article,

“They gathered at Rend, a ministry for spiritually hungry young adults, desperately seeking an authentic, raw and real expression of church, which was informally pastored by bandleader, Gareth Gilkeson. This honest and genuine movement of prayer and missions was accompanied by the birth of a new breed of worship songs that became the foundation for their first and critically acclaimed 2010 album, “Organic Family Hymnal.””

My favorite album from the group has to be the album Campfire, which is currently in the CD player of my own car. In fact, here is a second, Bonus song for you to enjoy, and a fun and carefree one at that: Movements.

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