Love Once Shoaled

heart-shaped-island-reef-australia.jpgShoal: A sandy elevation of the bottom of a body of water, constituting a hazard to navigation; a sandbank or sandbar: v. shoaled

Another poem written within the last year; I hope you enjoy:

It’s been a while since I trusted enough
To love complete without withhold
My love is held above a bluff
And ‘hind the waves and oceans shoaled

Always believed that love exist
Someone who cherish me for who
I am the one perfect for his
Own reflection, color, hue

A man who wants a woman true
Who never will betray his love
Who cannot stand the thought of which
She does not love romance above

The others who forgot of care
Who cannot do. Listen, or trust
Those ‘others’ who for want of share-ing
Hurt the ones they want the most

But mine he is true, honor bound
And ne’er forgetting mine beauty
He kindly chooses to expound
Upon my graces kindly giving

My thoughts of what is not as good
About me meets with reprimand
For he sees all and understood
My loving heart and meets demand

Of bettering himself within
And with desire becoming he
Of whom my love is spent akin
To those whom riches agree

My love is wonderful as such
To shower kindness evermore
And gives me faith of which to trust
And into him my love I pour
He is the one I love the best


-Carey Joy Boyce


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