Bittersweet New Beginings

Hello lovely people!

I have been absent much of this month due to the business that comes with moving.

2016 Jan-Aug 1763
My brother Jon is in the middle with the maroon/burgundy shirt. Liz, his wife is the one in the white dress with flowers (not that you couldn’t tell) my sister, Amy, her husband, Will, and my niece Adalynn are to the right, and my parents are on the left.

My brother married the love of his life(she is lovely!) at the end of May, and after a brief honeymoon to beautiful Ireland his wife moved in with him in our two bedroom apartment. Though we all love each other, newlyweds need a house to themselves, so I set out on a search for an ideal place for a thirty year old woman to live with her cats (I know, I sound like a crazy cat lady: I am a crazy animal lady in general, but yes, my kitties are my babies.)

2016 Jan-Aug 805.jpg
From left to right: Me, Liz (my now sister in law), Amy (my sister) 

In months of searching, I was running out of time, and was contacted by a good friend of mine from church who had a room in her duplex opening up within the month. I was and am so very excited for this new place! I can even garden there!!! There is only one terrible terrible draw back…

I petitioned both the management company and the new owners to allow me to take my cats with me, as this property used to allow pets, but due to one bad experience with a previous tenant, shut that option down. I had no-where else to go, and in three months of searching was not able to find a roommate willing to move in to my two bedroom apartment.

Last weekend, through many many tears (and many since then, I assure you) I had to return my babies to the wonderful woman with Johnston County Animal Rescue who had fostered them for several months before I adopted them. My heart feels crushed. Sometimes I hate being an adult. I wish that unhappy times did not come upon us in life. I wish many things that I cannot seem to put in to words because the emotions are running so deeply within me right now that I cannot seem to get descriptive words to rise to the surface. I woke the first night thinking that my cats were rustling around in the night, and then remembered that they were not there. I have put their tags on my keys in remembrance and am keeping in touch with the lovely woman who is taking care of them.

Between the hearthurting-ness that I am feeling from this, and the effort to move and clean throughout this month, and the volunteer work I do with the church and community, I have been too busy (and sometimes just too worn out) to write. My home computer also stopped allowing me to use the internet for the last week, and that complicated things as well.

2016 Jan-Aug 1753
I feel as worn out as this cute little Corgi looks

Overall, new is always good. One can pave their own path, build a life from the ground up, but to be honest, at thirty, with a divorce, a couple of pretty intense deeply loving relationships that just suddenly ended, and the work troubles (which are gone for the last year, and I am able to rebuild my life in this way too!!!) over the past several years, I am tired. I am weary. I am taking it to Christ to place at the foot of the cross because I cannot handle this all alone.

Don’t  get me wrong, there have been many many wonderful things in the past several years as well. Both my younger brother and sister have been married. My sister had a girl a year and a half ago, and is pregnant with a boy (due Christmas day! 😮 ) I have known love. I have rescued a few turtles, learned many new things, and grown in so many ways! I have been miraculously healed of several things (i will go in to this in another article), been on a journey to a healthier me, and come to love myself for who I am with all of my faults (this can be hard to learn how to do when you have been taught humility and to put others first your whole life… it is a delicate balance.)

I can’t wait to show you all several amazing new developments in life, but I will leave that for the move.

Thank you Jesus that you have provided for an abundant and blessed life. Things are looking up from here.

love you guys!

7 thoughts on “Bittersweet New Beginings

  1. Oh, I can see why you’d be missing these kitties… They’re adorable! I love how one of them is “helping” you study in some of the photos. Hope you’re settling in well in your new home, and that your brother and his wife had fun on their trip to Ireland!

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    1. Oh they were so incredibly sweet! Sometime I’ll have to put their origin stories up. They went through some stuff in life before Johnston county animal rescue helped them out.
      They absolutely LOVED Ireland!!! I believe that was my brothers first time out of the continental US. Well, other than a day trip to Canada my family took when we were young (so first time out of North America.)

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      1. Oh yay! I’m glad they had fun… Hopefully they were here for one of the sunny days we had this summer, but of course no-one comes to Ireland for the weather 😆 You must have a little bit of Irish in your family tree somewhere if this is the first place he chose to go outside North America! I’m looking forward to hearing more about your feline friends sometime too 😺

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      2. They came during May and had perfect weather (as far as we are concerned anyway) it was in the sixties temperature speaking most of the time (we don’t like it too warm) and sunny. They had a cat at one of the cottages they stayed at, and visited the cliffs of Dover and many other things off the beaten path. We do, indeed, have some Irish in us. My grandfather was a quarter Irish, but I think it is one of the parts we identify with most as we have around fifteen to twenty nationalities in us. :O

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      3. Well, if you don’t like it warm, Ireland is the place to be! And on the rare occasions when the temperature does get into the high 70s, the country pretty much stops functioning and everyone goes to the beach/park/nearest pub with a beer garden! It’s great that they enjoyed their trip, what a fun way to celebrate your bit of Irish heritage!

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    1. Thank you. I am in touch with the woman who is finding them a home. She cares for them so well and I believe they are under less stress with her because she is the person i originally got them from, so they know her well 🙂 thank you so much for the kind wishes.

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