Motivational Monday! 7.18.16

Praise God, It is Monday and I have a job that is enough. It is enough to keep me fed. It is enough to pay bills. It is enough to have a roof over my head. I am healthy and breathing, and fully alive! Thank you Jesus that you are Jehovah Jirah, my provider!

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For Such a Time

Sometimes, I go thorough a time where I feel abnormally discouraged with society. So much is happening, and I often feel nearly powerless to make any change no matter how hard I may try to impact the world around me. Lately, our world seems to be in turmoil and tumult: discrimination issues, violent acts, and general frustration with the election began to overwhelm me. Our flag seems to fly more at half mast lately than full. I find my heart grieving the loss of what I thought this country to be as I stared in to the dirty mess that often seems to be our present day reality.

In order to clear my head, (because I was seriously in tears about this about this time last week), I decided to do some research of my own, talk to God about my frustrations and what I saw happening around me (and what I perceive as both people’s willful blindness and apathetic attitude to many issues), and stop watching what the media wanted me to watch. I discussed things with friends who may have a different experiences and viewpoints, and attempted to understand things more thoroughly.

I was reminded of several things.

1- As useless as I sometimes feel with my willing heart and larger-than-me issues, I was made “for such a time as this.” God did not cause me to be born during this particular time in history for nothing. He has a plan. Even when I cannot see what it is, or I feel frustrated attempting to live it out, His plan reigns supreme, and I can rest in that.

God did not cause me to be born during this particular time in history for nothing.

2- Nothing new happens under the sun. Solomon stated in Ecclesiastes:

What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun.
10 Is there anything of which one can say,
    “Look! This is something new”?
It was here already, long ago;
    it was here before our time. Ecclesiastes 1:9-10 (NIV)

Even though I may feel like everything is out of control, and problems are mounting, everything that is has been before. There is nothing new under the sun. There is good, and there is evil, and I will continue to fight on the side of right, whether others fight alongside me or not.

3- media overplays their control in society.Unfortunately, media often incites more problems because they are in business for themselves.  Most media outlets share what shocks, what stirs up, and what produces anger and fear. Why is this? Because it sells. If they stir up people, those individuals will watch more. They give us more disaster, more heartbreak, and more discouraging stories about society than is proportional. There is a lot of good out there too. In today’s world, I have to make sure and pay attention to the good.

Mordacai said to Esther:

“For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14 (NIV)

Truejoy’s Daily Song-By and By- Selah

I have had this song stuck in my head since yesterday. Selah, a nontraditional gospel group composed of a brother and sister from South Africa and a friend of theirs, often re-does traditional gospel and hymns in a south african style. The upbeat way this is sung gets deep in to my soul, and i enjoy praising every time it is on. I’ll probably be listening to this on the way home from work today, as well. (can’t wait! Yay weekend!)

Love Once Shoaled

heart-shaped-island-reef-australia.jpgShoal: A sandy elevation of the bottom of a body of water, constituting a hazard to navigation; a sandbank or sandbar: v. shoaled

Another poem written within the last year; I hope you enjoy:

It’s been a while since I trusted enough
To love complete without withhold
My love is held above a bluff
And ‘hind the waves and oceans shoaled

Always believed that love exist
Someone who cherish me for who
I am the one perfect for his
Own reflection, color, hue

A man who wants a woman true
Who never will betray his love
Who cannot stand the thought of which
She does not love romance above

The others who forgot of care
Who cannot do. Listen, or trust
Those ‘others’ who for want of share-ing
Hurt the ones they want the most

But mine he is true, honor bound
And ne’er forgetting mine beauty
He kindly chooses to expound
Upon my graces kindly giving

My thoughts of what is not as good
About me meets with reprimand
For he sees all and understood
My loving heart and meets demand

Of bettering himself within
And with desire becoming he
Of whom my love is spent akin
To those whom riches agree

My love is wonderful as such
To shower kindness evermore
And gives me faith of which to trust
And into him my love I pour
He is the one I love the best


-Carey Joy Boyce


Things I struggle with as an Extremely Extroverted person

eternal optimist

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the Jung (Myers Briggs) personality testing. This is a great professional grade personality test that fairly accurately shares strengths and weaknesses of different personalities. There are sixteen in all, and each is made of 4 letters, preferences as you would. Each letter gives you a percentage of how much you tend to be pre-set to work out of that preference. I tend to go between ENFP and ENFJ depending on my mood when I take the test (I am a borderline P/J (these are basically how you choose to organize your life) ).

For those who have not taken it, you can take one (not the professional grade, but the best I have seen outside of that) on It will take about ten minutes, and you have to be honest with what you DO, NOT how you WISH you would react to life.

I have been studying this specific testing for over six years now. I have an entire bookshelf full of every book I could find on the subject, and I have read through them all, many multiple times. (seriously, I think I should have studies Psychology in college sometimes.)

I am an Extrovert, and not just an extrovert, but an EXTREME extrovert.


What do I mean by this, exactly?

Extroversion and Introversion can be quite confusing. Most believe that Extroverts are very open individuals, while introverts tend to keep more to themselves. This is inaccurate at best.

According to the Myers Briggs test, these two defining words have to do with how a person gathers energy. Would you be energized by being around people, feeling more energized by the end of the night at a get together? Chances are, you may an extrovert. Does being around a lot of people tend to drain your energy, causing you to need a “recharge” for your batteries with some alone time? Chances are, you may be more Introverted. Hobbies are not always a tell. Even though I test as 90% extroverted, most of my hobbies are ones that would be typical “introvert” hobbies. This is where I start off with my challenges.

My hobbies are not all Extroverted ones;

In fact, most of them are not. As an extrovert, I love sharing the things I love with the people I love. I am 90% people, 90%! I want to share just about everything. This is not possible with much of my hobbies being things that I must do alone.

I love to paint, bike, write, read, swim, kayak, cook, and camp, and I do almost all forms of arts and crafts. Although some of these are able to be done effectively in a group setting, many of them, I have found most effectively done in private.

I must guard what comes out of my mouth

enfp babble

As I have previously mentioned, I like sharing pretty much everything. This includes my thoughts, which I constantly have to filter through a “should this actually be shared” seive.

Although I don’t tend to have too many inappropriate thoughts, and I don’t like to say unkind things, there is much I find entertaining, and I have learned that: not everyone is passionate about the same things. I could passionately talk about many subjects for a long time, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants to hear about the subject in depth. I have had to learn to not share every joke, every societal problem, every thought that inspires passion within me. Others cannot handle that much of me talking. I need to give them a break from all the chatter.

Even on days I feel like I am low on energy and not doing enough talking while communicating with other humans, they still feel like I am communicating plenty (which makes me wonder, do I still over-communicate on a normal day?! :E

I think this has contributed a bit to the fact that I do like to write. Since I cannot share everything with others through simply talking about EVERYTHING I wish I could talk about, there is a whole web-world out there that I can speak in to. Maybe what I write is seen, and maybe it is not, but I am allowed an outlet through blogging, which I otherwise would not be able to access.

So, thank you blogging world for being a sanctuary for this overly-extroverted person. Thank you for listening to my thoughts and allowing me to not be annoying (most of the time anyway :P) in the real world.

I’m the crazy friend

easily amused

And I’m OK with that. In fact, I’m more than OK with that. I always figured much later in life I would turn in to the crazy old lady with all the fun stories and the dancing and singing and acting childlike even though I will be well along in years. I look forward to every new year, and don’t believe I will ever really be “old” because: are crazy friends/aunts/grandparents really EVER old?! I don’t think so. Age is a number, youth is in action. I will always have full zest for life!!!

Health Warning: You May be Using Shampoo Incorrectly!!!

DO NOT wash your hair in the shower!!


I repeat, DO NOT wash your hair in the shower!!

no shampoo

It’s so good to finally get a health warning that is useful!!!




I don’t know WHY I didn’t figure this out sooner! I use shampoo in the shower! When I wash my hair, the shampoo runs down my ENTIRE body, and printed very clearly on the shampoo label this warning; “FOR EXTRA BODY AND VOLUME.”

No wonder I have been gaining weight!

Well! I got rid of that shampoo and I am going to start showering with Dawn Dishwashing Soap. It’s label reads, “DISSOLVES FAT THAT IS OTHERWISE DIFFICULT TO REMOVE.”

Problem solved! If I don’t answer the phone, I’ll be in the shower!

dog serious

I don’t know where this joke originated, or I would credit the person: it showed up on my Facebook “2 years ago” post, and I thought my friends on here might enjoy a good laugh.

Have a great Wednesday!


Good Afternoon, lovely people.

No matter what you are going through, know that God is there and we can lay all of our troubles, hopes, and dreams at His feet. He loves us so much!

Second Chance+Bonus- Rend Collective Experiment

One of my favorite musical groups is Rend Collective Experiment. The group is from Ireland, and decided to push the boundaries of what “normal” music groups do. Their music is truly a community collaboration, and brings in unique “instruments,” such as a colorful children’s Xylophone, and  drum set, a bubble gum machine, colorful bells, and even a tea kettle. I love how unique this group is.

The group’s sound- a mix of folk and praise- is refreshing and down to earth.

Rend Collective Experiment formed from a passion that the church shared to reach out to God in an authentic way. According to their official website, linked earlier in the article,

“They gathered at Rend, a ministry for spiritually hungry young adults, desperately seeking an authentic, raw and real expression of church, which was informally pastored by bandleader, Gareth Gilkeson. This honest and genuine movement of prayer and missions was accompanied by the birth of a new breed of worship songs that became the foundation for their first and critically acclaimed 2010 album, “Organic Family Hymnal.””

My favorite album from the group has to be the album Campfire, which is currently in the CD player of my own car. In fact, here is a second, Bonus song for you to enjoy, and a fun and carefree one at that: Movements.

Username and Password — DREAM BIG DREAM OFTEN

I want to share a post from fellow blogger, drey0308 from his blog Dream Big Dream Often.

This seemed to go well with yesterday’s post about social media, Dear Facebook Users.

via Username and Password — DREAM BIG DREAM OFTEN

Dear Facebook Users

The older I get, the more I find myself taking a cynical view of society. I don’t like being a cynic: not one bit, yet I find the cynical feelings creeping up on me if I am not careful to stand on faith and believe that the world is not really as bad as it sometimes seems.

The state of elections, political agendas, violence, and apathy towards others are all aspects of our world that wear on me in an ever-constant death-match between cynicism and hope.

I don’t believe any of these would be too frustrating if communication were up to the state it once was, but we have allowed communication as a society to deteriorate so drastically that courtesy is no longer common, just having your own opinion is something that attracts not only ridicule, but scorn expressed through violent and abhorrent words, and differences have now become offensive.

“We have allowed communication as a society to deteriorate so drastically that courtesy is no longer common”

I have heard the joke “2015: the year everyone was offended by everything,” and I laughed because it is true; but the truth of the matter is, we still are. This was not a passing thing. We all contribute to the problem. Weather we are the offended or not, we are contributing to a society that does most of its communicating through impersonal means online; a society that boils down our entire existence to what is shown in one’s online existence; a society in which thoughtless insults can be constantly hurled and the damage never realized by the party that dealt it.

We show that we care about issues by sharing a status update; we show love by sending a quick “happy birthday!” when our computer prompts us to do so; and we take stands on every political and social issue by sharing a post that sounds like it supports our way of thinking. We often do this without checking the facts of an article or meme because it sounds so serious and so frightening everyone has to know. We argue, we debate (often coldly and without any attempt at empathy). We get offline feeling like we have done our portion: we have raised awareness, we have stood our ground, and we have defended our little plot of internet-land from anything that would infringe on our own particular way of living. The problem is, we have NOT truly connected, we have NOT truly loved, we have NOT truly made a difference.

“We get offline feeling like we have done our portion: we have raised awareness, we have stood our ground, and we have defended our little plot of internet-land from anything that would infringe on our own particular way of living.”

This way of behaving has found seeped in to the throes of daily life (as was bound to happen). A true dialogue is hard to come by these days. Debates have become about who can yell the loudest, not about sharing ideas and evidence and coming to a conclusion. We now start every argument with a conclusion already made, and become increasingly more frustrated as the opposing party doesn’t “come to their senses and” agree with us as we expect they should.

Working in customer service is the same way: customers have unreal expectations that are taken out on employees who don’t magically get everything done in one click of a mouse; while customers often don’t feel heard by workers who are too preoccupied to care about work and legitimate customer issues.

Oh What a Difference Would be Made if we Knew How to Properly Communicate with One Another!!!!!

To make a difference, we have to love each other. We have to come from a position of understanding that every person we talk to has just as much human value as we do. The Bible equivocates hate with Murder “14 He who does not love his brother[a] abides in death.15 Whoever hates his brother is a murderer.” (1 John 3:14b-15a NKJV)

When we insult others for being different than us, or having a different standing on an issue than we do, we are telling them that we value their humanity less than ours. We allow ourselves every possible allowance when it comes to growing and learning. A person’s life should not be over because of a mistake, or because we do not understand why they would have the opinions they do in life. Just because we don’t like someone else’s opinion, or post, or point of view is not enough reason to treat them with disrespect and devalue their life and right to exist. This is really what we are doing when we insult others for thinking differently than us.

When we want to take a stand, let us do so, but without using propaganda: let us make sure what we are posing are facts (it is very easy to fact check on google: especially with sites like out there), and we are not furthering lies spread by people who have hateful intentions. Let us increase the accuracy of information that we share.

When someone posts something against your view, we need to use respectful dialogue if we feel the need to discuss it. Often times, I believe it is wise not to say anything, but in certain situations, It is important to try and understand the other person, and not frustrate them (and ourselves) further in an endless argument that resembles the juvenile “did not” “did too.” We have grown too much to go back to childish thought and childish argument. Put your beliefs out there, but don’t become confrontational about it or you are asking for a confrontation.

 “It is important to try and understand the other person, and not frustrate them (and ourselves) further in an endless argument that resembles the juvenile “did not” “did too.” We have grown too much to go back to childish thought and childish argument.”

I have seen far too many discussion posts that use profanities to describe people who don’t agree in the thread: many directly hurled at specific individuals. When one does not agree, rather than presenting a counter argument, it is far too common to see them tell the other person that they wish they would die or kill themselves. I have even seen gruesome posts detailing how the comment-or believes the particular person in the comment-string should die. How far have our communication skills fallen?! This should not even need to be stated, but NEVER should we say these type of things to our fellow human beings! Where do we get the audacity to play God like this, and decide that an individual should no longer have the right to walk this earth because we don’t like their opinions?!!! This is the attitude that has been behind EVERY mass shooting and terrorist attack we have seen in our lifetimes. We need to be DIFFERENT, not dwell on fear and hate.

“Don’t become confrontational about it or you are asking for a confrontation.”

I am not posting this to point a finger, or because I am innocent of being judgmental myself. Although I would love to say I am always careful, I do mess up. I have poked fun when I shouldn’t have. In fact, the other day, a friend called me on a comment I had made, and it was a wake up call for me. My cynicism had, once again, gotten the best of me, and I had rather coldly judged the younger generation for behaviors that I honestly do not understand. I need to do better. We ALL need to do better.

We are called to LOVE, so the next time you find yourself posting a video or picture of someone who is “stupid” or “clumsy” or has the “wrong opinion.” (FYI, there is a REASON it is called an OPINION); next time you find yourself putting another down, laughing at others’ mistakes, or even a person’s bad reaction or a dislikable quality– please remember that we are all human: we all make mistakes, we all have bad moments when we are ruder than we should be, we all have moments of complete stupidity. How would you want to be treated if you were the person you are poking fun at?

If we own this, we can fix it. If not, it will become another problem in the background; never really being recognized and never really finding resolution. When will we escape this internet bubble, and become human beings once again?